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Top Returns through Technology

Prosperian’s Wealth business silo consistently delivers market beating returns, using proprietary software to trade in global “blue chip” shares.


We follow a Classic Buy-and-Hold Strategy, with some Enhancements. By taking Advantage of Low-Cost Leverage and our Custom RoBo Trading Software, we take the Classic Buy-and-Hold Strategy to a Whole New Level.   

1: Stock Selection

This First Building Block in our approach, is Good Old Fashioned Stock Selection. We take a Multi-Dimensional View on Global Stocks, considering aspects, such as Long-Term Feasibility & Risks, Management, Capital Employed, Debt, Liquidity, Stock Performance, Global Diversification and Consistent Growth & Profitability. 

2. RoBo

Our RoBo Trading Solution simply Automates Trades that a Human Trader would place, through eTrades,  executed Faultlessly in a Fraction of the Normal Time. RoBo Logic caters for the following:

Cost Averaging

By taking advantage of small price movements, our RoBo Solution buys more stock on price drops and sells excess stock on price increases, thereby lowering time-weighted average cost prices.

Portfolio Re-Calibration

RoBo automates profit taking, by increasing preferred stock positions according to preset weightings for each stock, as the overall portfolio grows in value.

Risk Management

RoBo triggers preset circuit breakers on a per-stock and per-portfolio level, to safeguard against extraordinary market movements.

3. Leverage

Low-Cost Capital has enabled us to achieve exceptional returns, whilst our RoBo solution dynamically adjusts portfolio positions and leverages based on preset risks and debt appetite limits.

Our Performance in Context

The following performance comparisons are given for illustrative purposes only, as historic stock selection might have differed. Performance statistics are from 1 January 2015 through 31 December 2019, with the assumption that an amount of US$100,000 would have been invested equally across all selected stocks on 1 January 2015.

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B&H + Leverage

B&H + Leverage + RoBo

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